About Us


The purpose of “Channel One” is to fulfill the void of news & awareness and also to establish a bridge
between the public & the governance.
This channel is broadcasting the true news of crime, alerts of Missing Persons, and awareness for furious criminals, Fugitive Criminals, Entertainment, and Information, Educational & Sports program.
The main programs of the channel will be as under:


• True news of crime with updates.
• Alerts of Missing Persons with updates.
• Awareness for furious criminals.
• Fugitives alerts.
• Police working.
• Police events etc.
• Parliament Coverage
• Panel Discussion
• Live Event Telecasting
• Breaking News


The Channel will entertain the public by making serials and broadcasting programs based on
Alerts and Information like:
• True cases from the police file.
• Daring men from the police.
• Brave lady officers.
• Most Wanted Criminal List,
• Forensic cases,
• Spying based programs.


The Channel will educate the common man with making and reconstructions of serials and programs
on Fire safety, Traffic Rules, regular Law, and Alerts for protecting from Terrorist activities, working of
police, etc.
• Interviews with various personalities of police and experts.
• Talk shows.
• Live information on live telephone shows with some experts.
• Human rights and women’s rights.
• Security and safety program etc.